Marketing Your Property

In order to sell your Hawaii home quickly and with the best possible terms, its necessary to prepare your home for the market. This process includes:

  • Deciding when to put your home on the market.
  • Establishing a strategic price based on recent comparable sales, local market conditions and your motivation to sell.
  • Estimating probable net proceeds.
  • Making your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Tips for Selling Your Hawaii Property

Pricing Your Property

Intelligent Pricing
By pricing your property at market value, you expose it to a much greater percentage of prospective buyers. This increases your chances for a sale while ensuring a final sale price that properly reflects the market value of your home.

The Effect of Overpricing
Improper pricing may lead to a below market value sale price, or even worse, no sale at all. Your home has the highest chances for a fruitful sale when it is new on the market and the price is reasonably established

Activity vs. Timing
A property attracts the most attention, excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed on the market. Improper pricing at the time of initial listing misses out on this peak interest period and may result in your property languishing on the market.

Market Position Options

Option #1. We push the envelope on position and go above the market.

Option #2. We position it at fair market value.

Option #3. We can create a buyer frenzy and position it below fair market value.

Selecting Your Hawaii Real Estate Agent

Your most important decision when selling your home is choosing a real estate sales agent.

Ultimately, the job of your real estate agent is to help you sell your home for the best possible terms, and to guide you through the entire escrow process.

Your real estate agent should explain the process of selling your home, and familiarize you with the different activities, documents, and procedures that you'll experience.

Why Team Dillon Wright Is Right For You

  • Knowledgable of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction
  • Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations
  • Highly-trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications
  • Resourceful in attracting the largest possible pool of potential buyers
  • Knowledgeable in the technology resources that facilitate the transaction
  • Assisted by a fully-staffed marketing department

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