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Do you have a borrowing situation that doesn’t fit traditional mortgage underwriting standards? If so, a HomeStreet Bank Portfolio Loan might be a good option for your needs.

As a direct lender, HomeStreet has the option of offering a Portfolio Loan to borrowers with unique needs. A Portfolio Loan is one that’s not backed by an agency or government program, but instead is made from HomeStreet’s own funds. Their deposit product base provides them with the resources to offer Portfolio Loans when necessary — something you won’t find with mortgage brokers or lenders that are not associated with a full-service bank.

Since they make the loan from their own portfolio and keep it on their books (thus the name “Portfolio Loan”), they can be more flexible with this type of loan. As part of the process of working with you to find the right loan, they will evaluate all the available programs to see if one fits. If not, they may offer you a Portfolio Loan, based on your needs and qualifications.

Contact a Hawaii HomeStreet Loan Officer if you're interested in discussing about their Portfolio Loan. 



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