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Upcountry Maui Tropical Landscape Set on the high elevations around Haleakala, with soaring views, the slopes of Upcountry Maui are home to ranches, botanical gardens, green pastures, and farms.

Upcountry Maui neighborhoods include Makawao, Olinda and Haliimaile; , Kula, Ulupalakua, and Kanaio; and Pukalani.

With its higher elevation and cooler climate some Upcountry homes have fireplaces or wood stoves that do get use. Homes are diverse and prices vary greatly. 

There are many older smaller homes that are great for new families, first-time home buyers, and retirees seeking  a simpler life. Plus, there's also a mixture of gentleman farms and ranches to large estates.

If Upcountry Maui sounds like the place for you, take a look at properties for sale there right now. Use the links below to see full MLS listings. The first set cover all of Upcountry Maui, then scroll down to get links to homes & real estate for sale in specific towns like Makawao, Kula & others.

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Makawao Maui:

Makawao is cowboy and cowgirl territory and hosts the annual Makawao rodeo each 4th of July. Homes in Makawao range from older starter homes affordable for first time home buyers to multimillion dollar estates. Bi-costal views of both the North Shore and South Shores are available.

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Olinda Maui:

Olinda Maui Hawaii is a quiet residential community. It has beautiful green pastures, tall eucalyptus trees, and views of distant coast lines.  It is home to Seabury Hall, one of the most prestigious private prep schools in the United States. Properties in Olinda are some of the most sought after in Maui due in part to the climate and tranquil pastoral settings.  Mark Twain once lived on Olinda Road and Jimmy Hendrix event visited to perform a concert a Rainbow Park.

Haliimaile Maui:

Halimaile is a small quite plantation town with smaller homes and is well suited for those seeking a simple country live.  It hosts the award winning Haliimaile General Store restaurant and is also home to the Haliimaile Community Garden along with renting garden plots provides educational and technical support for cultivating and sustaining community based gardens.

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Kula Maui:

Kula is a district of Maui that stretches across the western-facing slopes of Haleakala. Most of the residential areas lie between about 1,800 ft to 3,700 ft in elevation. It is where many full-time residents prefer to live as it is cooler and more family oriented than the hotter and busier tourist towns near sea level. With is climate and fertile ground it  has many a topical plant nurseries,  farms and ranches. The median home price in Kula is approximately $420,000 and housing prices can range from $350,000 to several million.

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Ulupalakua Maui:  Uluplakua is past Kula continuing south on Kula Highway. The primary component of Ulupalakua is the 20,000 acre Ulupalakua Ranch. Uluplakua has a small rural community, rolling green pastures, and great views of the mountan and ocean. 

Kanaio Maui:

Kanaio is one of the most desolate area of Maui. The Kanaio Coast stretches from Makena, South Maui to Hana in the East. The arid and dry area is made up of the Southeast coast as well as the Southeast side of Mount Haleakala. You can get to Kanaio from a road from Upcountry which leads you around and down to the Kanaio Coast from Kula.

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Pukalani Maui:

Pukalani located on the West flank of Haleakala with an elevation ranging between 1,100 and 1,700 feet which results in a cooler climate and great views. The Pukalani Town Center offers many of the conveniences of a small town with groceries, coffee shops, restaurants, banking and a hardware store.  Pukalani  has the only Upcountry Community golf course. The median sales price for homes in Pukalani is just under $400,000 and range from the mid $300,000’s to several million. 

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