Life in Makawao, Maui

Paniolo - Hawaiian CowboyIf you've wondered what the Hawaiian version of the Old West would be like, Makawao is where you'll find it. Though the real estate in Makawao has access to all the most modern of conveniences, this community takes great pride in it's Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) culture and history. On most weekends, in fact, there's usually a rodeo happening nearby.

Like much of Upcountry Maui, Makawao was a prime area for ranching on the Island. Though much of those concerns have downsized or have switched more to serving the tourists, the town has held on to much of the trappings of the past. Look around Makawao and you'll see some of the old hitching posts that still remain here and there.

More obviously you'll notice the historic buildings on the main drag of Baldwin and Makawao Avenues. Their architecture is the unmistakeable 'Local Old West' style that has never lost its charm or its hold on the imagination. You can almost see the ranch hands riding up after a hard day in the hills, sporting leis around the crown of their hats.

Inside these preserved iconic structures today, though, are beautiful art galleries, enticing restaurants and local craft stores that show off the present local talent and attractions. Making your way down the strip is one of the best possible plans for a relaxing weekend.

Makawao's Historic Union ChurchThe weather in Makawao is noticeably cooler, an average of 5 to 10 degrees higher than in the lower Maui areas. Many like the fact that it's easy to beat the heat by living here.

Currently the population is about 7, 200, a good size for those who like the small town life, but with all the essentials like grocery stores & eateries plus the economic opportunities due to the tourists who are consistently attracted to this picturesque town.

Finding Your Home In Makawao, Maui

Buying a house in Makawao means exactly that – buying a house. There are no condo communities to be found. It's a place to stretch out and revel in having a piece of Maui paradise that's yours alone. It's another part of the paniolo culture that prized having room to breathe the fresh air and roam this green land.It was the life they chose and loved. That's what you'll still find here today in Makawao.

You can start being a part of this today by looking at the real estate for sale in Makawao right now. Just use the links below. You'll be looking over available land and homes in seconds:

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