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South Shore Kauai's Poipu BeachSouth Shore Kauai real estate is in the middle of some of the most popular places to visi on the Island. Like much of Kauai, the South Shore’s economy and business is focused primarily on tourism. The growing popularity of Poipu as a vacation destination in recent years has grown this district especially (see Poipu Condos or Poipu Houses listed now). But, it’s not just a fantastic vacation destination - it's a great place to buy a home, too!
Poipu’s high end resorts and hotels are especially central to the South Shore’s financial picture. Though it has the smallest population of any Kauai town in this area, a little over 1100, its beaches and lodging have a large role here.
The Poipu Beach Park is world famous, yet another Kauai entry that has been declared the World’s Best Beach at least once. Its protective reef gives less able swimmers a calmer ocean experience, while tested surfers can go out to face the big waves beyond this natural wall.

Living on Kauai’s South Shore Includes Living History

Historic Old Town Koloa, KauaiThe life of Kauai’s South Shore has an extra dimension that other districts don't: a rich 'living' history. You can visit Koloa’s ‘Old Koloa Town’, where you'll find streets of plantation-style buildings with stores and restaurants that look to be unchanged since the early 1900’s. It’s a experience that makes living there even more special.
For the real history buffs, there’s even the Koloa Heritage Trail, made up of 14 different sites that commemorate cultural and historical events & people. The Trail stretches from Old Kola Town all the way to Poipu proper. Celebrating the legacy of the Ancient Hawaiians all the way up to the Plantation Era is a way of life on the South Shore.
You’ll also find the communities of Kalaheo, Omao & Lawai here. Kalaheo is actually the largest in this area of Kauai, with over 4000 residents. Omao & Lawai are much smaller, with approximately 2000 and 1300 people respectively. They both lay a little further inland, though within easy driving distance to the golden beaches.
They offer more affordable home options, so they provide a needed relief from the often high cost of living on Kauai. Keep in mind that there aren't as many condo communities here as in other areas of Kauai.
South Shore Kauai Neighborhoods include (Click on linked areas to see full residential real estate listings for that area):  Poipu, Kalaheo, Koloa, Lawai, Omao, Eleele

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