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Waterfall Near Hana, MauiImagine what it would be like to live in a place that is it’s own ‘Island’ on Maui. That’s what Hana is, the cozy community that lies at the end of the infamous ‘Road to Hana’, home to some of the most awe inspiring scenery in the Islands.

Acquiring Hana real estate comes with a lot more than just a plot of land and a dwelling. You also get a life that's wonderfully unique from anywhere else.

Hana is an ancient place, first settled sometime between 500 and 800 AD by Polynesians. It remained in this idyllic state until the 1800s when sugar came to Maui, bringing plantation life to this tiny town. Despite the industry’s arrival, Hana remained very isolated until the first Road to Hana was built in the 1920’s to finally connect it to the rest of the Island.

The population hit the high water mark in the late 1940’s, just as the plantations closed down. Most left to for West Maui in the wake of this seismic change. Today, Hana holds approximately 1,235 residents. The bulk of the local economy is now based on tourism and the stream of visitors who take the famous Road to its beautiful conclusion.

What Buying A House in Hana Means

Hana's Open LandWith the small population, there isn’t much build up here. Your life will center around nearby places like Hana Bay, a black sand beach, where the local canoe clubs can be seen out on the ocean afternoons and weekends.

The community's size means that everyone knows each other. You’ll hear friends and neighbors greeting each other warmly all around the little town. It’s a place that the word ‘close knit’ was created to describe.

The green land lies open and inviting once you get into town, surrounding the main center where you'll shop in well-loved shops like Hasegawa's General Store. They've got just about everything you need for daily life, saving you a drive out to the busier parts of Maui.

Get Started on Finding Your Hana Home Today

On average there aren’t as many properties on the market at any one time as other parts of Maui. It’s a popular place, but it's also a matter of the limited supply of houses due to the size of this community. That’s no reason not to start looking, though. It just makes the shopping process a greater adventure! One thing is certain - you won’t regret buying a home in Hana.

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