Life in Haiku-Pauwela, Maui

Scene Outside Haiku MauiPurchase a home in Haiku-Pauwela and you’ll join a very diverse community. Huge million dollar homes sit right next door to small, vintage Plantation style houses that recall the days when pineapple was King in this corner of Maui.

It’s an interesting, yet always friendly, mix of those with means and those who came to live closer to nature. There’s a certain laid back feel that characterizes both the people and the place.

This is one of the last populated places along the Hana highway before you get to Hana itself. It’s the domain of Mother Nature and she makes her presence known through the greenery that fills your eyes wherever you look.

Wild flowers grow here not in bunches, but in multitudes, adding dramatic colors to the landscape. It’s no wonder Haiku-Pauwela attracts those who seek a true rustic experience. You can’t escape the native beauty that springs up from the ground all on its own.

Haiku wasn’t a real town until the establishment of sugar, and then pineapple, plantations here. That ended when the main refineries relocated to Kahului, causing the population to quickly drop as residents sought employment elsewhere. Eventually there was a comeback of sorts as free-spirits began to be drawn here by the scenery and quiet, back road feeling. There’s a serenity to life here that’s unmistakably part of the landscape.

Today's Haiku-Pauwela Waits For You

Word got out and now the little town features small shops and eateries that make up its main industry. Many ocean lovers make their home here even though there’s no real beach in its borders. However, places like Hookipa Beach Park are a very short drive away and offer plenty of opportunity for fun in and on the water.

The population stands at about 8,100 as of the 2010 census. Though it’s probably already obvious, there are no condominium communities whatsoever. Buying a house in Haiku-Pauwela is your path to residency, though there are plots of land that you can build on as well.

The properties here are in demand, firmly in the upper range of prices due to the size and amenites of the homes as well as the scenery that is world class. You're living on the Hana Highway after all, where tourists from all over the world come just to see the sights that are part of your daily life. That's good living.

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