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Big Island National Park - Puuhonua O HonaunauSouth Kona is the quieter, rural sister to North Kona. While it has shared some of the growth of recent years, South Kona remains smaller in population and less developed; and the residents here are fine with that. Unlike other Big Island districts, none of the towns here truly dominate the area.

However, Captain Cook is the clear population leader, claiming 3,429 residents in the 2010 census. The town’s high elevation makes it another important center of the Kona Coffee industry, as the farms flourish at those heights.

Captain Cook the community has history, but the town is young. Until the 1960’s the land it sits on was part of the vast Kealakekua Ranch, which was privately owned. The name even came from the fact that the local post office was located inside the buildings of the Captain Cook Coffee Company. You’ll find that Captain Cook will be your best bet if you’re seeking to buy a condo or townhouse due to its more recent growth.

Kealakekua & the Sustainable Community of Milolii

The area’s elementary school is found in Captain Cook, but the Middle & High Schools are both located in the town of Kealakekua. Though an older community, Kealakekua has less than 1/2 of its neighbor’s population, with 1,645 residents. Like many Hawaii communities, they’re more famous for the wonders build by Mother Nature than anything created by developer planning.

Captain Cook Monument At Kealakekua BayKealakekua Bay is not only where the actual Captain Cook first landed on the Big Island, it’s also where he met his end during a conflict between his crew and the Hawaiians.

Besides this significant history, you’ll want to come here often to swim with the flourishing schools of tropical fish, which are protected in this Marine Life Conservation District. Few sights bring as much joy and wonder as these amazing colored collections of sea life in their natural habitat.

Ready to live in something closer to natural habitat yourself? If you're one of those people who revel in living Off-the-Grid, Milolii will be your paradise in Paradise. This Big Island community is a breed apart, claiming for itself the title of the Last Fishing Village in Hawaii.

The homes here do not have access to power lines or water. Therefore, solar panels, rainwater collection and self-sufficiency are an everyday part of life in this unique corner of the Big Island. If being Green is not just a hobby for you, but a 24/7 lifestyle, you’ll find the perfect home in Molilii.

South Kona could be the perfect place for you. Why not take a look at some of the homes and properties on the market right now?

South Kona Neighborhoods Include (click linked areas to see full property listings): Kealakekua & Captain Cook, Kealia & Hookena, Keei & Honaunau, Papa Baby & Milolii

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