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Beautiful Kohala Coast on Big IslandSouth Kohala is where you’ll find the best of the modern Hawaii tourism industry along with enduring connections to the great Ancient Hawaiian civilization. The South Kohala real estate district stretches from the Northeastern coast, taking in Waikoloa Beach to Puako, down into the heartland of the Big Island.

Buying a home here puts you in the middle of some of the most upscale resorts on the Big Island. That alone should tell you something about the incredible beauty that's part of the experience of living here.

It also means that it has many of the best golf courses on the Island as well, making it a huge attraction for both local and visiting players alike. Yet, not far away, you’ll also find incredible history to explore in places like the Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve, where ancient Islanders carved symbols into the rocks that still tell their stories today.

There’s also the Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site, the largest restored heiau in Hawaii. It is here that the kahunas (Hawaiian priests) made their offerings to the gods for a prosperous harvest and for victory before going into battle.

South Kohala's Hapuna BeachCentral Communities of South Kohala

The main city in South Kohala is the town of Waimea, which is the largest community in the interior of the Big Island (population 7100). It's home to the 2 major observatories, making it a prime scientific center not only for Hawaii, but also for the world.

The sight of vast green pasture lands around Waimea are an indication another big industry that flourishes here - ranching. This district has a proud history of this way of life. You don't have to go far to meet the paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) who joyfully live it still. It's a big part of the local culture.

Waikoloa Beach is located to the north near the coast, holding about 4800 residents, along with the much smaller community of Puako, with a current population of 430 people. Both are exactly what you'd expect from beachside towns in beautiful Hawaii - rich with great beaches and waves that have the power to banish stress immediately.

The presence of the resorts, the related tourism businesses and their staffing needs means that you’ll have greater options than North Kohala and some of the other Big Island districts. You'll find condos and townhouses available here, along with standalone houses. This makes South Kohala a good option for those seeking a more affordable home, though upscale properties are plentiful as well.

South Kohala Communities include (click linked areas to see all homes and properties for sale):Kawaihae, Mauna Kea Resort Vicinity, Waikii Ranch to Waimea, Waikoloa Beach to Puako, Waikoloa Village & Mauna Lani, Waimea (Rainier Side) , Waimea/Kawaihae Rd

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