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Oceanfront in Kailua-Kona, Big Island HawaiiBuy a home in Kailua-Kona and you’ll join the ranks of royalty! Most people don’t realize that Kamehameha established the 1st capital of the unified Hawaii Islands in Kailua-Kona, even returning to spend his last years here though the capital had moved to Honolulu by then.

Despite that special status Kailua-Kona, and its surrounding area, were small sized communities until the late 1900’s, when tourism and other industries suddenly surged in growth. This recent expansion has put in place more modern housing options than some of the other areas of the Big Island.

So, along with single family homes & houses, you’ll find many condos & townhouses in Kailua-Kona to choose from in the North Kona listings. These real estate choices, as well as the recent expansion in tourism & agriculture industries, have made it one of the primary population centers for the Big Island.

Kailua-Kona: Find a Home in the Big Island's West Coast City

The center of this district is the city of Kailua-Kona itself, with its population of approx. 12,000 residents. The town is especially famous for Historic Kailua Town, where you’ll find important parts of Hawaii’s history still standing today, including Hulihee Palace and the Mokuaikaua Church.

Kailua Town is also where you’ll find crowds gathered to watch the incredible sunsets that Nature paints every evening over Kailua Bay. Then they head out for a night of tasty foods and great local music in nearby restaurants and nightspots.

Just south of here you’ll find Holualoa, home to about 6100 people. Holualoa is known for 2 things. The first is the world famous Kona Coffee. The higher elevation and soil quality has made Holualoa the ideal site for coffee growing, so there are numerous coffee farms around. That’s made this place a prime supplier of the aroma that has become ‘The Java’ for discriminating drinkers everywhere.

If that wasn’t enough for one town, they’ve also made themselves a center for art on the Big Island, too. Galleries, local craft stores and unique creations can be found in the main town area, bringing art lovers from all over to enjoy, admire & make a purchase or two. As a local resident you’ll never miss the annual Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll every November, combining both of Holualoa’s claims to fame. Always a good time.

Keauhou - Kona's Ocean Playground

Hawaiian Fish Pond in Kaloko, North KonaFurther south you’ll find Keauhou. Officially it’s an unincorporated community. Unofficially, the name means high-end resorts and prime golf courses to both locals and tourists alike. Residents love it for its perfect beach and ocean conditions. It’s where you'll go to enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling or just about any water sport you can do.

You also have a good chance of seeing sea life here, in its most free and natural setting. You’ll often spot not only honu (Hawaii's sea turtles), but also the manta rays that feed close in to the shore here.

Imagine having an amazing experience like that awaiting you whenever you and your family need a break from it all!

That's just part of the Kona experience. To start making it a part of your life, take a look at the North Kona homes and properties that are available right now.

North Kona Neighborhoods Include (click on linked areas to see full property listings): Honalo, Hulalei Resort to Makalei, Kailua-Kona & Holualoa, Kealakehe, Keauhou, Kona Airport to Kaloko, Puu Lani Ranch

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