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Life in Honokaa, Paauilo & Waipio Valley

Akaka Falls in HamakuaIf green is your scene, then your Big Island home search should start on the Hamakua Coast. The Big Island is known for its wide variety of landscapes and climates – and Hamakua is where the rain falls. The wetter weather here is the reason for the lush greenery that covers this district like a beautiful royal cloak, something you can enjoy daily if you purchase one of the homes for sale in Honokaa or other Hamakua towns.

This area, especially Waipio Valley, was where the old Hawaiian Kings and Alii made their home. The 19th & 20th Century would see vast sugar plantations spring up here, bringing in labor from Asia who would make up the small communities that still exist today.

The industry's end in the 1980’s was a shock to the local economy, prompting a shift to smaller farms that grow crops like macadamia nuts, coffee & a variety of tropical fruts now. This diverse agriculture is now the main driver of employment here along with another historic way of life – ranching.

The famous Parker Ranch is only the most famous of the concerns here that have worked the land and cattle for over 150 years in Hamakua.

The uniqueness of this area doesn’t stop there. Mauna Kea rises above the landscape here, topped off by the observatory that is the best of its kind in the world. If that’s not enough to get your attention, Mauna Kea is also notorious as the place where you can sometimes find snow in Hawaii!

Your Home In The Hamakua Communties

Honokaa People's TheatreMost of Hamakua’s communities can’t truly be called towns, many claiming under 6oo residents. The largest city, Honokaa, has a population of approximately 2,300. It is known for its quaint boutique shops and the historic downtown district that preserves the plantation era building that charm every onlooker.

Hamakua lives at a leisurely pace, with residents knowing each other well. A small town feel, but in a local Hawaii way, where shakas & smiles are exchanged when you pass your neighbors on the street.

When the daily stresses dop get to you, take a drive down the Hamakua Heritage Corridor and indulge yourself in the stunning ocean views, tropical rainforest and waterfalls that inspire awe in everyone who sees them. It’s a coastline trip guaranteed to renew you when you need it most. With all of this waiting for you, why not start looking at some Hamakua homes for sale right now?

Hamakua communities include (click links to see full MLS listings for that area): Honokaa, Paauilo, Waipio Valley

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