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Towns Near Schofield Barracks & Wheeler FieldHome buyers stationed at Schofield Barracks or Wheeler Field have a choice of neighborhoods to find a house or condo to their liking. All of the areas we cover are within easy commuting distance to the 2 bases, making them ideal places for both living and working.

These nearby neighborhoods are all located to the south of Schofield. It’s not only where you’ll find more available homes to buy, it’s also where you’ll find many neighbors who are stationed on the base themselves. Let’s start with the closest town, located right outside the gates.

Wahiawa - Life In Schofield's Rural Neighbor

Wahiawa was historically a center for sugar cane fields and pineapple plantations, most of which have closed in the last 20 years. Agriculture remains, though, as does some of the plantations heritage, including the Dole Plantation, which is now as much of a tourist attraction as an active farm. Fields and farmland still surround Wahiawa today so it remains a very rural area of Oahu.

Much of the area’s shops and stores cater to military residents. That should be no suprise since Schofield Barracks is geographically larger than Wahiawa and its population is a prime generator for the local economy.

The rural environment doesn’t include as many condo communities as some parts of Oahu, but you'll always find some condos available in Wahiawa. With its easy access to both Schofield & Wheeler Field, and its military-friendly environment, Wahiawa could be the right town for you and your family.

Wahiawa Neighborhoods Include (Click on linked areas to see all homes for sale there): Botanical Garden, Wahiawa Area, Wahiawa Heights, Wahiawa Park, Whitmore Village, Wilikina 

The Planned Community of Mililani Waits For You

Schofield Soldiers During CeremonyDrive south a little further and you’ll come to the mid-Island community of Mililani. Though it has a smaller town feel than some areas of Oahu, it’s definitely more suburban than rural.

You’ll find Wal Mart here along with other, larger shopping options than you would closer to the base. This is also where your real estate choices will include many newer homes due to the fact that Mililani is a planned community that sold its first houses in the late 1960’s.

Mililani is actually made up of 2 districts. The original, Mililani Town, is closest to Schofield. Mililani Mauka, across the highway to the east, was first built up in the early 1990’s and continues to this day.

Home prices are higher in Mililani than Wahiawa so your budget will need to be raised when shopping here. The growth of this area is illustrated by the fact that 5 elementary schools serve its younger students - Kipapa, Mililani Uka, Mililani Waena, Mililani Ike and Mililani Mauka. There's also Mililani Middle School & Mililani High School for the older kids.

Mililani Neighborhoods Include (Click linked areas to see all homes for sale there): Mililani Town, Mililani Mauka 

Find Variety In Your New Home Of Waipahu

Below Mililani, but within a reasonable commute to Schofield & Wheeler, is Waipahu. Waipahu offers more affordable housing for sale than the Mililani area. Many military have found homes in the newer Waipahu neighborhoods of Royal Kunia & Village Park, which are still experiencing growth.

Right next door, but under the umbrella of Waipahu, is the community of Waikele, known for a very popular outlet mall of high-end stores as well as higher priced homes to match. As you can see, this part of Oahu has a range of houses, all within a small area. No matter your budget, chances are you'll be able to find a home that meets it here.

Younger children attend one of 3 elementary schools - August Ahrens, Honowai, and Waipahu. Upon graduating from them, most will go to Waipahu Intermediate School. High schools students, though, are divided up according to their location in Waipahu and attend either Waipahu or Pearl City High School. Wherever you live in Waipahu, your children will have a school nearby.

Waipahu Neighborhoods Include (Click linked areas to see all home for sale there): Crestview, Hale Lumi, Harbor View, Kunia, Renaissance, Robinson Heights, Royal Kunia, Seaview, Village Park, Waikele, Waipahu Estates, Waipahu Gardens, Waipahu Triangle, Waipahu - Lower, Waipio Gentry

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