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Area Near Barking Sands Missile Base, Kauai HawaiiBarking Sands, and the neighborhoods near it, is located on the West Coast of Kauai, about midway from North to South. It's an area with stunning beaches, endless blue ocean and green hills that defy belief in their depth of color.

Kauai’s famous natural beauty is preserved through a lack of, even resistance, to development. Locals are extremely protective of the land here, prefering to keep it 'Country'.

The few condo buildings and communities Kauai has are found elsewhere, not here. Owning a house here brings you into a closer relationship with the tropical life of this unique place. It's a special lifestyle that few get the chance to experience.

You’ll find a few very small communities especially close to the base, such as Mana & Kokii, but chances are you’ll be looking for homes in one of the 3 towns within commuting distance, where the available properties are more plentiful.

Barking Sands Home Buyers - Where You Should Be Looking

Kekaha is the closest, lying approximately 6 miles from Barking Sands, and it's also the largest of the 3. It has about 3,200 residents, a good sized town for Kauai. Like much of Hawaii, its recent history was dominated by the sugar industry, which didn’t fully die out until the 1990’s. Agriculture remains here, though the crops are now more diversified - fruits, coffee, taro.

The town of Kekaha remains the center for business on this side of Kauai, though no one would confuse it with Wall Street. It retains its small town, friendly feel with the Aloha that so many love about Hawaii. As special as that is, you can also experience it in our other 2 neighborhoods.

Waimea is further south, lying 9 miles from the base. It’s the smallest of the 3 communities with 1800 people living within it. Waimea dealt with the end of the sugar business differently than Kekaha. Instead for further farming, it turned to high tech.

Technology companies have been established here and continue to flourish. Waimea even contains the West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center, which traces the deep history of this wonderful area all the way up to the 21st Century. It’s a sign of their pride in not only the past, but what they’re building now for the future.

Waimea Canyon Near Barking SandsThe timeless has a significant place here as well. Nature lovers have not only the beaches and ocean to savor, there is also the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, Waimea Canyon to love as well. There are numerous trails and lookouts that provide enough memories for a lifetime. Hikers and campers - this is truly your Paradise.

Hanapepe is the last stop on the way south, it taking 15 miles to reach from the base gates. A longer drive than the others, but still a reasonable daily trip. Believe it or not, Hanapepe has taken yet another path out of the end of the sugar collapse.

Hanapepe is known as the center for the arts, and artists, in West Kauai. Today you’ll find boutique shops and small art galleries in its very charming central town area. What makes it exceptionally picturesque are the preserved Plantation Era buildings that now hold these stores and businesses.

They even throw all their doors open every Friday night for the public to mingle and enjoy the sights, artistic and otherwise. It’s very popular and a great way to meet some of your neighbors, too.

No matter where you buy your home in West Kauai, one thing is guaranteed - you'll be in one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see. That's what purchasing a house here truly means.

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